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Rental Properties

Rental property can be a very profitable investment. It is important to protect your investment against loss due to unforeseen circumstances which are beyond your control.

Don’t be fooled, a Homeowner’s Insurance policy will not cover damages to a home that the owner is not living in. If your Kentucky rental home is covered under a traditional home insurance policy one of your biggest investments is at risk because it has the wrong type of insurance coverage.

Rental Property Insurance allows you to rent your property out with confidence.

Rental Property Insurance can cover the building, detached structures, personal property of the landlord, loss of rental income, liability exposures and medical payments. In addition, you might be surprised to learn that getting the right Kenutcky dwelling coverage costs a lot less than your existing Kentucky homeowner’s insurance policy. Madison Insurance Agency of Richmond provides insurance that is tailored specifically to protect your rental properties.

Let Madison Insurance Agency of Richmond quote, compare and save you – time and money.

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