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From bakeries to fast food to fine dining we can cook up the perfect insurance recipe for your businesses tastes and needs.

What if…

  • Your restaurant inadvertently sells contaminated food and a customer gets sick?
  • A customer or employee slips and falls in your restaurant?
  • Your restaurant is broken into or an employee steals from you?
  • A power outage prevents you from opening, causing your food to spoil and you lose income?

Since every restaurant is unique both in menu and in management your restaurant insurance should be unique as well. Madison Insurance Agency of Richmond customizes each policy to fit the needs of your business. We offer a full array of insurance products and risk management services designed to add value to your business.  Madison Insurance Agency of Richmond makes it our business to protect your business so you can keep on serving. Simply fill out the free quote form below or call Madison Insurance Agency of Richmond today and let us take your worries off your plate.